ESML’s Board of Directors

Find here the list of Members of the Board of the ESML, elected by the ESML’s Members during our last General Meeting.

Ludovic Pouilly Deezer ESML
Ludovic Pouilly (Deezer) ESML President
Clothilde Chalot NomadPlay ESML
Clothilde Chalot (NomadPlay), ESML Vice-President
Jean-Luc Biaulet Music Story ESML
Jean-Luc Biaulet (Music Story), ESML Vice-President
Antoine Monin Spotify ESML
Antoine Monin (Spotify), ESML Vice-President
Martin Mutel Paroles net ESML
Martin Mutel (, ESML General Secretary
Matthias Robine Simbals ESML
Matthias Robine (Simbals), ESML Treasurer
Laurence Le Ny Orange ESML
Laurence Le Ny (Orange), ESML Observatory Member