ESML Members

Find here the list of our active members, contributing to our missions in the ESML.


1D Lab is working 2 topics: cultural diversity and shared value in the digital age, relying on our territorial dynamics. 1D Lab created the cultural Kiosque Divercities and an innovative editorial principal dedicated to libraries, collectivities and employee representative committees.


44 is developing a vocal domestic assistant designed for seniors. The entry stage in music, in a form of semi-interactive web-casting: the user has access to many playlists, without membership. No need to use music from a computer, a smartphone or a music streaming service membership (Deezer, Spotify). All copyrights are embedded in the device.

bridge-audio-logo-esml is developing a full platform for music professionals, allowing secured storage of music assets and files. The software allows users to share their content in any compatibility format, to all their network, at any time. The collaboration between creators and professionals is made easier, for a seamless workflow.

Cizoo is your partner to always sing in tune, thanks to an algorithm able able to modify your voice to correct if or even give it the tone of your favorite artist. The solution helps everyone, not only artists and musicians, to express the music inside.

Deezer offers more than 50 million tracks to 16 millions active users a month. Available in 180 countries, the service gives access to one of the richest music catalog on smartphone, but also smart TV, smart watches, Google Home and via a desktop app.


Deedo is a music broadcasting service facilitating access to African content, reinforce artists visibilité and offers the possibility of a social commitment through music. Deedo offers a catalog of more than 12 million tracks in 6 African countries, France and UK, with a freemium business model. One Song, One Soul.


GESTE federates all main professionals from online publishing : online press, digital medias, music platforms, mobile services, vocal services… GESTE is a place of discussion for its members to debate on their industries and legislative news. One goal: a sustainable and fair ecosystem.


Groover is a platform for creators to be put in direct relation with Influencers (record labels, managers, specialized media…). Thanks to Groover’s innovative model, artists are guaranteed to get feedback and coverage, for a targeted and efficient promotion strategy.


Jamendo is pioneer online service to promote independent music, since 2004. The company helps emerging artists from all around the world to highlight their creations on a dedicated platform, with a promotional tool using mainly Social Media, and a monetization tool through synchronization contracts or retail spaces soundtracking.


Since 2008, broadcasts Classical Music and operas lives on video streaming to music lovers across the world, universities, conservatories, multimedia libraries and cultural institutions. The SVOD platform offers more than 2 500 programs, developed in partnership with the most recognized audiovisual producers but also the most prestigious orchestras, operas, festivals and competitions in the world.


Music Story is specialized in music metadata management. For 11 years, the company managed to gain the music industry’s trust and is now working with many actors such as SNEP or CSDEM who entrusted them with all or parts of their datasets. Today, half of their annual revenue comes from the USA, often in partnership with other French small companies, and hires 15 people.


NomadPlay allows all musicians, from the beginners to the most advanced, to play accompanied by well-known artists and ensembles. The platform offers a large catalog of educational content, Chamber Music and an orchestral and choral repertoire, available to all levels. NomadPlay wish to enrich music education and give the possibility to everyone to play together, from anywhere at any time.


Cypok Media is a website editor. Our experience allowed us to create solid partnerships and become the biggest music lyrics website editor in France. In 2010, a decision of justice ended our exploitation of In 2021, the CSDEM chose Cypok Media to reopen this website in a 100% legal context. Cypok also has a strong partnership with Le Monde, and created in 2015.


Playzer was created in 2013 and is the first French actor to offer a premium service of multiscreen on-demand music videos service. Playzer lets its users to listen, watch and download playlists of videos, clips, concerts, backstages, karaokes and other original content. Everything is accessible without any ads, and with recommendations. Playzer represents a French alternative to the premium international and local music video consumption.


Simbals is a team experts on large scale audio datasets analysis and comparison. They combine AI, Big Data, algorithmic and signal analysis tools to offer their clients uniques solutions on recognition and music recommendation, available from their API. Simbals creates music identification solutions to radio, TV or YouTube for example, music recommendation or concerts engines, automated metadata production solutions, personalized radio solutions or automated playlists production solutions.


SoundBirth created a mobile app that digitalizes the function of a Manager to help emerging artists to structure their activities and help discoverability. Through a chatbot and machine learning techniques, artists are supported to access several services: Playlists, Feedbacks, Promotion… SoundBirth also offers a tailor-made support to artists to find the right partners. With more than 2000 artists on the app in less than a year, including 10% of them who subscribed to the Premium version, SoundBirth App is the first digital manager for emerging artists.


Since its creation, Spotify kept transforming the way we listen to music. Today, we are the main audio streaming service in the world with more than 271 million monthly active users, including 124 million members to Spotify Premium, scattered in 79 markets. Spotify offers more than 50 million music tracks and more than 700 000 podcasts.


Vialma is a streaming service dedicated to Classical Music and Jazz, offering a full experience to the subscribers. Vialma’s mission is to allow its members to live their passion thanks to exclusive and interactive content, an online assistance composed by its team of musicologist and musicians, and more advantages. Vialma is the only multimedia service, offering at once 1 million audio tracks and hundreds of live concert videos in HD.


QOBUZ is a downloading and streaming platform currently available in 11 European countries and the USA. The users can buy content à la carte or listen to or download more than 60 million CD quality (16 bit) or Hi-Res Audio (24 bit) tracks on streaming through a membership. QOBUZ is also the “digital record shop” thanks to an exceptional editorial quality: exclusive articles written by the editorial team, album reviews and exclusive video interviews.