Discover the missions of ESML, the Online Music Services Providers’ Syndicate, for French actors.

ESML (Syndicat des Editeurs de Services de Musique en Ligne) was created in 2011, by the streaming service Deezer, the telecom company Orange and Starzik Invest.

What are the ESML goals?

Developing a strong legal music market

ESML and its members’ primary mission is to defend actors working in digital music, and help building a sustainable development of the legal online music listening.

Representing the diversity in digital music

ESML is looking to federate and represent French, European and international actors. Our goal is to preserve the French cultural independence and highlight our members’ skills.

Supporting legal offers against piracy

ESML is looking to participate in creating a wide range of free and paying services. This support to the creation of attractive legal musical offers gives us the opportunity to actively fight against piracy in the music industry.

Our achievements

Along the years, the ESML took part in several major decisions in France and Europe, in collaboration with institutional organizations and got involved in various studies to defend the interests of the digital music actors. To stay informed on the current projects we are working on, we’ll meet in our News section!

The Professional Council of CNM (2020)

Two members of ESML are representing our syndicate and members at the Professional Council of CNM. Our Vice-President Clothilde Chalot and our President Ludovic Pouilly are there to defend the interest of digital platforms.

The Schwartz Agreement (2015)

We participated to the negotiations and signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the Equitable Development of Online Music (or Schwartz Agreement), for a fairer remuneration in music. The platforms being key players regarding this issue, the Syndicate was determined to represent its members.

The draft law on Freedom of Creation (2015)

The ESML joined GESTE, FELIN, ADAMI & GAM on a formal letter addressed to the Minister of Culture and Communication, defending the role of Mediator for Music. The draft law on Freedom of Creation pushed several actors of the music industry to take a stand alongside us.

The Top Streaming Convention with SNEP (2014)

The ESML took part of setting up a weekly top of the best streaming listenings. The first publication was back in 2014. Our members were part of negotiations and signature of the Top Streaming Convention with SNEP, the National Syndicate for Phonographic Publishing, to create an official measurement of tracks performances in streaming.

Le Christian Phéline Report (2013)

As the Online Music Services Providers’ Syndicate, ESML was consulted by Christian Phéline, Chief Counsellor at the “Cour des Comptes” (Court of Auditors) and in charge of the report “Online Music and Value Sharing – State of the Nation, Negotiation Pathways and Roles of the Act“. These consultations allowed a mapping of contractual practices between platforms and rights holders, between producers and artists, in order to offer leads to regulate these economic relations.

The Pierre Lescure Report (2013)

The Pierre Lescure Report “Act II of the cultural exception in the digital age” was presented to the Minister of Culture and Communication in 2013. The members of ESML worked with other entities to elaborate a concrete reflexion, paving the way to a full panorama of the next challenges for the cultural industries in the digital sector. The Report gathers 80 proposals in 3 sections.

The HADOPI Report on data sharing (2012)

In 2012, the ESML was part of the elaboration of the HADOPI Report on shared data regarding the sector’s economy and the value sharing current state by Patrick Waelbroeck, Philippe Astor et Christophe Waignier. These commitments are a clear manifestation of our will to develop the legal music market and favor innovative services developments, which the ESML fully supports.

13 Commitments for online music (2011)

In 2011, the ESML took part of the mediation on musical rights management, by Emmanuel Hoog. This mission led to negotiating and signing the 13 Commintments for online music, under the aegis of the Minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand.